About Us

Duzayak® Adjustable Pedestal Flooring System, which is involved in many important and prestigious projects in Turkey and in the world, is an important and indispensable brand for terrace, balcony, dry pool and square floor coverings with ISO 9001-2008 quality assurance and nature-friendly raw materials.

Our company, which is the first manufacturer of raised floor systems in Turkey, provides many advantages to architects, project managers, practitioners and end users, from installation to use, unlike conventional mortar systems, with its Düzayak Pedestal level adjustable feet, which it produces completely domestically. In addition to offering modern and alternative solutions, Düzayak® Pedestal level-adjustable feet, which earn points for the LEED certificate, are a useful product for ecological balance with their 100% recyclable feature.

Our group company, which has been serving in every field of landscaping from raised floor systems to hard floor covering elements, green roof/living walls applications for more than 29 years, continues to create value in the sector with the importance it attaches to R&D activities.

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